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Picnic Rugs

About Pixie Rugs

The collection of Pixie Rugs has been created by a mum of 2 girls who simply couldn’t find a picnic rug to suit the needs of her family.

They needed a rug that was durable, comfortable, looked great and was easy to clean. So became Pixie Rugs, with its extra large size approximately 2.2 x 1.6m and easy to carry shoulder strap: problem solved.

Pixie Rugs are fantastic for the park, beach or just to have a relax on a beautiful sunny day.

* Please note

At Pixie Picnic Rugs we always strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products.

Due to circumstances beyond our control the latest summer 2016 design rugs have not been made to the usual high standards and are NOT 100% waterproof – which is usually a feature of our Pixie Picnic Rug.

Therefore the guarantee of being 100% waterproof is not available on the current summer 2016 range.

All other aspects of the Pixie Picnic Rug are to our usual high standards.

We have heavily discounted the summer 2016 rug from $85-00 to just $50-00 which will make a great Christmas gift or to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family.

Please note – If you require/prefer a 100% waterproof rug we still have a small supply in the Red Ikat Print below at the usual price of $85-00.

We are working to rectify the issue around the waterproofing so that the Autumn/Winter 2017 range will be 100% waterproof.